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Global Cultural Ambassador Scheme at Inter Cultural Education (for all UG students)

The Global Cultural Ambassador Scheme is for incoming international students who would like to get to know about Hong Kong culture and meet other internationals and locals.

The scheme consists of three parts – orientation, volunteering and closing. The orientation session will be hosted by locals who will guide them to explore the city and familiarize them with Hong Kong. They will then receive a session of formal training on how they can share their culture better and practically apply the skills they learn by representing their cultures in the setting of primary or secondary schools, where they can enjoy a casual but insightful conversation with local students. Finally the closing offers a chance for the students to wrap up their experience as cultural ambassadors and to consolidate the friendships they built throughout the scheme. 

The scheme is open to students from other universities, and students will be able to meet their peers from other countries and backgrounds.

The application deadline is 10 October 2022.

Here are the links to our relevant webpage and application form:

Webpage: https://icehongkong.com/icegcas/

Application form: https://bit.ly/3T3OTFY

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/interculturaleducation/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/InterCulturalEducation/videos

Website: https://icehongkong.com/