What’s Around the Community?

Community-based Experiential Learning Project at Raimondi College (for all UG students)

Number of HKU students: 5-10

Service target: a class of F2 (30-35)

Project details:

Raimondi College is an EMI subsidised secondary school, located in the Central and Western district. Despite its unique location, most students from the school are residents from other districts and are unfamiliar with the unique historic background of the school neighbourhood area. Based on this need, several teachers from the school devised and organised a community-based experiential learning project for a group of S2 students last year, aiming to arouse students’ curiosity towards the community, hence boosting their sense of belonging towards the district and the local community. This year, it is hoped that the project could be further polished and revamped for a different group of S2 students, having the past participants as student group facilitators in the group. With the help of HKU (education) students, it is hoped that the project can be further developed into an experienced and reflection-intensive project to cultivate students’ understanding and sense of belonging towards the school district.

Implementation Period: Post Exam period (July) – 1 Day

HKU students’ scope of work:

  1. Study the background culture of the 5 thematic routes for the district / Suggest other thematic routes for the school district
  2. Polish, refine or design the existing community-based EL project based on students’ needs
  3. Execute and facilitate their EL project with the students
  4. Lead the reflective activity at the end of the project


March  Student-teachers recruitment
By the end of MarchMeetings with student-teachers and school teachers to set project expectations
April to MayStudent-teachers research on the historical information of the district and the 5 thematic routes
Mid May to JunePreparation for the community-based EL project
Early JulyProject Implementation

You will receive a certificate of participation from the Experiential Learning Team upon completion of the programme!

Interested students please fill out this Google form.

If you have any questions concerning the programme, feel free to email Ms Vivien Lee via vivleeq@hku.hk