UG EL Electives

Sustainable Development in Tibet (BBED6792)

Project Details

Tibet has developed rocketing economic growth in the past two decades at the expenses of the ecosystem and environment. Set against this backdrop, this programme aims to bridge this gap by creating a platform for our student educators to learn about the socio-economic landscapes of Tibet and to analyze some of the challenges involved in turning around and sustaining its development. Our student educators will first learn about the theoretical understanding of sustainable development and its relationship to the socio-economic landscapes of Tibet. Then they will work in cross-disciplinary teams to conduct research and put their knowledge into practice – putting forward their ideas of raising social awareness on specific topics (e.g. sustainable tourism, environmental education, health and hygiene) and calling for behavioral changes with the consideration of local culture and limitations in the format of ‘TED talk’ videos and workshops to school. Through the learning process of knowing about the culture, self and others, students will develop an increased intercultural sensitivity as local and global citizens.


  • Semester 2, 2021-22
  • On-campus input sessions and an overseas visit to Tibet will be arranged in Summer 2022 (June to July)
  • (Overseas projects will be subject to the COVID-19 pandemic. Confirmation of enrollment will only be made DURING the add/drop period of Semester 2. Students are advised to pay close attention to their credit loadings for graduation requirement.)




UG students from all programmes

(No. of places: 15)


Register BBED6792 Sustainable Development in Tibet via SIS. Students will earn 6 credits after successful completion of the course.

Application Deadline

Online course add/drop period in Semester 2, 2021-22


  1. All Experiential Learning courses offered by the Faculty of Education adopt PASS/FAIL grading basis.
  2. Students may need to study/work off-campus in schools/social welfare organizations/premises of our community partners and/or their collaborating partners and comply with the related COVID-19 vaccination/self-test requirements.


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