UG EL Electives

Nurturing Gifted Individuals (BBED6801)

Project Details

The growing significance of psychosocial factors in talent development has highlighted the importance of addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted individuals in gifted education. Collaborating with the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) of the Faculty of Education, this course aims to develop student educators’ awareness on the unique social and emotional needs of gifted individuals and competence to respond to such needs. Student educators will first learn about the social and emotional needs of gifted individuals. Then they will work in cross-disciplinary teams to design and conduct workshops to strengthen the development of this important aspect among gifted individuals at primary school level as well as their parents. On-going feedback and reflection will be provided and facilitated.


Session 1 [Sep 8, 2021 (Wed) 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW703]

Course overview & understanding the social and emotional needs of gifted individuals
This session gives an overview of this experiential learning course & specify students’ roles in the programme. An introduction on social and emotional needs of gifted individuals will also be shared.

Session 2 [Sep 23, 2021 (Thu), 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW406]

This session focuses on one salient social and emotional aspect of gifted individuals – perfectionism and strategies to promote healthy perfectionism.

Session 3 [Sep 29, 2021 (Wed), 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW703]

Dabrowski’s theories and intensities
This session will focus on the heightened sensitivities or intensities of the gifted individuals and how these impact their interaction with the immediate surroundings.

Session 4 [Oct 21, 2021 (Thu), 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW406]

Group presentation
Students will work in groups to present their selected topic a) with empirical evidence and b) a class activity to help illustrate the concept. Each team will be given 30 minutes of time.

Session 5 [Nov 3, 2021 (Wed), 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW703]

Intervention to psychosocial variables
This session will focus on interventional strategies to promote social and emotional learning among the gifted individuals.

Session 6 [Nov 17, 2021 (Wed), 6.30 – 8.30pm at MW703]

First consultation meeting
Students will be required to present their initial ideas on the workshops and feedback will be given by the course instructor. Students will then need to revise the content of the workshops.

Session 7 [Dec 13 – 17, 2021]

Second consultation meeting
Students are required to present the design of the workshops upon receiving feedback from the first consultation meeting.

Session 8 – 14 [Weekends in Jan & Feb, 2022 in HKU]

Workshops for the gifted & feedback session for parents
Workshops will be organized on Saturdays and students will need to attend the peer sessions and give feedback.


Hong Kong


UG students from all disciplines

(No. of places: 12)


Register BBED6801FY Nurturing Gifted Individuals via SIS (Students will earn 6 credits after successful completion of the course)

Application Deadline

Online course add/drop period in Semester 1, 2021-22


  1. All Experiential Learning courses offered by the Faculty of Education adopt PASS/FAIL grading basis.
  2. Students may need to study/work off-campus in schools/social welfare organizations/premises of our community partners and/or their collaborating partners and comply with the related COVID-19 vaccination/self-test requirements.


Dr Jessie Chow [Email: jmlchow@hku.hk]