PGDE (Full-time) EL Block

YIAA Social Innovation Commendation Scheme

Background of co-organiser

Founded in 1936, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) has been established to serve children and youth throughout different eras with its need-specific and community-based service in its comprehensive service network.

BGCA has been continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our society and to offer all-round support to our young generation through a balanced development approach. BGCA continues to expand its innovative service, such as providing an online support platform for emotionally distressed youth, creating Makerspaces that focus on innovative thinking, and establishing the Youth ImpACT Award, which encourages youth to apply and practice human-centered design on social service innovation.

Project details

The Youth ImpACT Award (YIAA 2.0), jointly presented by The D.H. Chen Foundation and BGCA, supported by Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, SIE Fund, Hong Kong Island School Heads Association, Kowloon Region School Heads Association and New Territories School Heads Association, is a unique service learning and social innovation award. It aims to arouse students’ empathy and motivate them to examine as well as act on the social problems seen. The award offers a series of experiential learning and human-centered design workshops, with focus on selected social problems. Participants are facilitated to turn their inspiration into a concrete service idea. Ten finalists from 250-300 teams of Secondary 1 to 6 students are selected every year after online voting and internal screening, who would then put their service ideas to prototyping and testing. The teams are given an opportunity to see the impact they can make on others’ lives. Youth ImpACT Award (YIAA 1.0) has been successfully inspired 900 innovative ideas from 3000+ students since it was launched in September 2016.

For more information, please visit YIAA’s website:

In this project, students will be assisting in mass orientation workshops which normally consist of a full day experience. There are different themes for the workshops: e.g. Experiencing physical disabilities, Understanding poverty, sustainability of future living…etc.  The Workshops consist of two parts, in the morning, students will be joining the participants to carry out the experiential workshop ( e.g., elderly experience , blindfold etc); In the afternoon, a semi guided design thinking workshop will be provided to participants. Students will act as a facilitator and assist the participants in defining pain point of the service group and assist them with generating new ideas to solve the identified social issues.
Students in this project will:

  • Attend the brief introduction, design thinking workshop and education symposium;
  • Attend the training for design thinking facilitation; and
  • Lead and facilitate individual teams in developing their ideas within limited time. (Sessions will be carried out both during weekdays and weekends.)


  • September 28 – November 3, 2020
  • Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:45pm
  • Some workshops may be held on weekends


Briefing introduction: BGCA Headquarters, Wan Chai
Design thinking workshop: BGCA Headquarters, Wan Chai
School based workshop : varies
Community based workshop: varies
Mass orientation workshops: varies


  • PGDE full-time students from all major subjects
  • Students must be able to communicate in both English and Chinese


Application Deadline

30 August 2020


Ms. Vivian Sung (BGCA) [Tel: 9389 8491]