PGDE (Full-time) EL Block

Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project

Background of co-organiser

The Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and implemented by the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) in the Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong. The Project is a 3-year social-emotional learning project, derived from a research-based social competence programme that has been used effectively for more than 13 years. The Project aims to support parents and teachers as change agents in fostering social skills and emotional development of young children through playing face-to-face interactive games in different settings. The Project begins in kindergarten and is now extending to family and the community.

Project Objective

The objective of the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project  is to provide kindergarten teachers and parents of school children with professional training, practical skills, training kits and evaluation on play education. It helps schools train teachers and parents acquiring skills on applying interactive play systematically in order to enhance the social-emotional learning and development of children. In kindergarten teachers will integrate interactive play into their daily teaching; parents in the family will guide their children how to play at home; and the children will apply the social skills they learnt through play during free play time.

Project details

Students are expected to:

  • Work with trainers to lead online/face-to-face play session;
  • Assist trainers to operate the community events. Handle other tasks assigned from time to time. May require working on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays;
  • Take part in our Facebook operation and maintain the project Facebook posts exposure, from generating ideas, video editing, writing feeds to scheduling and monitoring posts;
  • Co-work with experienced game trainers at Zoom play session/ community events/ the partnership kindergartens in Cantonese; and
  • Review and reflect on the play skills training delivered, and provide feedback on how the training can be improved.

The overall experiential learning project is to gain hands-on experience on project social media operation as well as take part in leading games with game trainers/ volunteers. Students are required to provide review report by the end of their internship.


  • September 27 – November 2, 2021
  • Monday to Friday, and occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays for training delivery to target audience
  • Duties on weekends might be required occasionally (Compensation leave will be arranged)


  • Project Office at Main Building in HKU;
  • Other locations such as kindergartens and community event venues corresponding to the programme design; and
  • Work from home


PGDE full-time students from all major subjects who are proficient in both English and Chinese


  • Complete the application form at (Part 1) AND
  • Upload the following documents to the respective project folder at (Part 2) (Please combine all documents into one Word/PDF file)
    1. A personal statement (of not more than 300 words) explaining why you would like to join this EL project
    2. Your CV
    3. A list of play-related experience stating your experience/ exposure in playing games with adults/ children of any ages

Application Deadline

August 29, 2021


  • Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project (details to be confirmed).
  • Guidelines and guidance will be provided by the Project Director and the experienced game training team. The game training is based on a research-based model “Social Star Mirror Model” (Liu, 2015).
  • Students who have completed the experiential learning project and the game training are eligible to apply for part-time game trainer (Considerable remuneration and progressive training will be offered).


WhatsApp enquiries: 4610 2400


Project website:

Facebook: 賽馬會「玩學相長」計劃 Jockey Club“Play n Gain” Project