PGDE (Full-time) EL Block

Experiential Learning at Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre and Hong Chi Sunshine Project

Background of Co-organiser

Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre (Special Child Care Centre)

It provides special training and care for children with moderate to severe disabilities to facilitate their growth and development, helping them prepare for primary education.

The clients are children aged two to under six who have not yet started primary school and are either:

– Moderately or severely mentally handicapped;
– Moderately or severely physically handicapped;
– Deaf or with severe to profound hearing impairment;
– Blind or with severe visual impairment; or
– Autistic.

Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre (Residential Special Child Care Centre)

It provides residential care to children with disabilities with a special need in order to protect and promote their health and well-being, and nurture their growth and development with regard to their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

It also forms part of the pre-school service for children with disabilities as a continuum of training in day special child care centres.

Clients are children whose disability is so severe or complex that warrants intensive and continuous care and therapy and children with disabilities who are homeless, abandoned, with adverse home or family environment and without an alternative placement. To be eligible for a place, an applicant should be:

– Aged two to under six and have not yet started primary school;
– Unable to benefit from the Integrated Programme in the mainstream kindergartens-cum-child care centres;
– Not in need of constant medical/hospital care; and
– With special need, or
– Assessed as experiencing one or more of the following:

.Moderate or severe mental handicap;
.Moderate or severe physical handicap;
.Deafness or severe to profound hearing impairment;
.Blindness or severe visual impairment;
.Severe behavioural/emotional problems, hyperactive disposition or autistic disorder

Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre (Early Education and Training Centre)

It is designed mainly for children with disabilities from birth to the age of two, providing them with early intervention programmes with particular emphasis on the role of the child’s family. Children with disabilities who are aged two to under six and have not yet started primary school can also receive the service if they are not concurrently receiving other pre-school rehabilitation services, which will facilitate their integration into the mainstream education system.

Clients are children with disabilities from birth to under the age of six who have not yet started primary school.

Hong Chi Sunshine Project (On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services)

– Inter-disciplinary service teams from the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) provide on-site services for pre-school children with mild disabilities and studying at participating kindergartens (KGs) and kindergarten-cum-child care centres (KG-cum-CCCs).
– Inter-disciplinary service teams also render support services to teachers/child care workers and parents/carers.

Its clients are:

– Children with mild disabilities aged below 6 attending the participating KGs or KG-cum-CCCs;
– Children on the waiting list of Social Welfare Department (SWD)’s central referral system are given priority. If there is vacancy, NGOs may exercise flexibility to provide services for children who are waiting for assessment by Child Assessment Centres, provided that the number of these children will not exceed 10% of the team’s service capacity.

Project Details

Objectives of the Project:

  • Provide different kinds of preschool settings/services for students to know more about young children with different levels of special needs;
  • Design and support programmes for children of RSCCC/ EETC/ Sunshine Project, e.g. setting up a free-play corner with activities (e.g. story telling); and
  • Explore and develop curriculum for children in our services, e.g. providing intensive learning support to 2 to 3 students through pull-out programme.


  • September 27 – November 2, 2021
  • Students are required to work 5 full days per week.


  • Tai Po Pinehill Preschool Centre
  • Sunshine Project (Kowloon East/Tuen Mun/Shatin/Tai Po/Fanling/Sheung Shui)


  • PGDE students from all major subjects
  • Students majoring in Early Childhood Education are preferred.


Application Deadline

August 29, 2021


Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre (details to be confirmed)


Ms. Rachel Wong (Hong Chi Pinehill Preschool Centre) [Tel: 2664 2172 / Email:]