PGDE (Part-time) EL Elective

Big Bang Academy Experiential Learning Programme (PGDE-PT)

Background of Co-organiser

Founded in 2019, Big Bang Academy is an award-winning STEAM education technology company with a focus on hands-on science education. Our key objective is to inspire and nurture the next generation of scientists, engineers and inventors who will then contribute back to the society.

Through a series of professionally guided science-related workshops and classes, we aim to provide a collaborative environment for children to experiment the unknown and empower them to be confident to learn through failure. Big Bang Academy’s Science Courses have reached over 4,000 students aged between 3 and 12 years old in regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Big Bang Academy’s unique curriculum covers the main pillars of science including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Engineering and Environmental Science.

The founders of Big Bang Academy were graduated from the University of Cambridge with degrees in Engineering and Natural Sciences respectively. Having pursued in the STEM academic journey and realizing the unparallel benefits, it is our mission to pass our experience and knowledge to the next generation, enabling them to be better thinkers, forming independent opinions and having the courage to make educated decisions which serve them better both academically and personally as a whole.


  • Big Bang Academy is the first and only Hong Kong based STEAM education curriculum with the STEM.ORG accreditation. ORG is the longest standing STEM credentialing research centre from the US.
  • Our curriculum is original, student-centric and specifically designed for children with a diverse interest in science.

Mode of Study

  • Rather than textbook knowledge, we adopt a multifaceted approach to introduce science via story-telling, play-based and hands-on activities for students to prove their own scientific hypothesis.
  • With Big Bang Academy, science is viewed as active exploration rather than already-discovered knowledge. Every lesson is centered with at least one key experiment or mini-project that children can bring home after lesson. This will enhance student’s sense of achievement and confidence amidst dealing with STEAM subjects.

Teaching Quality

  • Our founders and instructors are all equipped with exceptionally strong STEAM academic qualifications which set good role models for children. With great passion in their subjects, we foster children to become life-long learners as well.
  • All of our lessons are conducted in English.

Teaching Materials

  • All experiment materials and experiment safety will be taken care of by our team of professionally trained scientists and educators.

Project Details

Students will be designing science experiments for different age groups and leading the STEAM camps hosted by Big Bang Academy.

  • End-to-end experience from teaching materials design to delivering hands-on science classes to students
  • Design fun and educational experiments for children that matches the camp themes (some previous examples: Forensics Camp, Mars Relocation Camp, STEAM Career Camp) and science curriculum (Next Generation Science Standards – US and Cambridge Assessment Science – UK)
  • Design lesson plans and teacher training guides for other educators to follow
  • Teach / co-teach STEAM camps


3 days training and designing materials to be arranged prior to project A or B below

  • Project A: Summer 2022 (10 days teaching) – Early July – Mid August
  • Project B: Winter 2022 (7 days) – Mid Dec – End Dec


To be confirmed


PGDE (part-time) students of all majors

(No. of places: 3-5)


Applications closed

Application Deadline

31 March 2022


Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by Big Bang Academy (details to be confirmed).