‘Mobile Classroom’ with Jockey Club Neo Education Lab

Background of co-organiser

Jockey Club Neo Education Lab, a brand new project under Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, was established in September, 2016. It is an open platform which brings together education enthusiasts for investigating and experimenting innovative educational ideas. Ultimately, we hope to broaden our community and parents’ imagination for diverse education models instead of an exam-oriented one for the betterment of the young through dialogue in seminars and workshops, as well as through other programs run by our organization, such as camps, magazine publication and so on.

Principal Chan Free Tutorial World was established in April, 2011. It is a Non-Profit Organization recognized by the HKSAR Government. (Registration Number: 91/11019) With the support of many generous people in the society who have become our volunteer teachers, we provide free learning support to the under-privileged children.

Information about Principal Chan Free Tutorial World can be obtained at http://hkcnc.org.hk/en/.


陳校長免費補習天地於2011年4月成立,是香港政府認可的非牟利慈善機構。(註冊編號:91/11019) 透過召集社會各界的有心人士,加入我們的義務導師行列,為有經濟困難的弱勢學童提供完全免費的學習支援。

Project details

Mobile Classroom is an innovative idea of setting up pop-up classrooms in the community to demonstrate and share effective teaching and learning strategies. The objectives of Mobile Classroom are to explore, experiment and execute innovative and effective education models as well as promoting education diversity in opposite to the high pressure-exam orientated schooling.

Teachers can teach any subjects in the Mobile Classroom-subjects already existed in schools or new subjects you think your students can be benefitted from. Students are recruited openly or walk-in at the spot.

In this project, students have to:

  • design and plan your Mobile Classroom, and communicate and discuss with Principal Chan’s Mobile Classroom team your lesson plan; and
  • involve in feedback and review after the lesson is launched.

Mobile Classroom will be launched on weekends. Students in this project will keep close contact with Principal Chan’s Mobile Classroom team through emails in discussing their lesson plans; face-to-face co-planning meetings will be arranged between Principal Chan’s Mobile Classroom team and individual students according to their schedule.


[飛翔教室] 是我們將會推行的其中一個大型行動。我們誠心邀請你共同參與!











  • Students can conduct their lessons anytime throughout the year
  • Upcoming schedule:
    • Sep 24, 2017 – Time Square Hong Kong-Covered Piazza (時代廣場)


Multiple locations in Hong Kong


PGDE part-time and UG students from all major subjects


Email a completed Experiential learning project nomination form including a preliminary idea of your ‘mobile lesson’ to the EL team (ivychung@hku.hk)


  • Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by Jockey Club Neo Education Lab (details to be confirmed)


Ms. Candace Mok, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Emails: cwfmok@hku.hk]