‘My magazine project’ with Jockey Club Neo Education Lab 賽馬會創新教育工作室「〈我的〉家長雜誌」

Background of co-organiser

Jockey Club Neo Education Lab

Jockey Club Neo Education Lab, a brand new project under Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, was established in September, 2016. It is an open platform which brings together education enthusiasts for investigating and experimenting innovative educational ideas. Ultimately, we hope to broaden our community and parents’ imagination for diverse education models instead of an exam-oriented one for the betterment of the young through dialogue in seminars and workshops, as well as through other programs run by our organization, such as camps, magazine publication and so on.

Information about Principal Chan Free Tutorial World can be obtained at http://hkcnc.org.hk/en/.


更多有關陳校長免費補習天地的資料 http://hkcnc.org.hk/en/

Project details

My-The first parent magazine about revising the educational ecology of Hong Kong.

This bi-monthly parent magazine aims to promote the importance to change the exam-oriented education ecology in Hong Kong, to demonstrate how to and what we can actually do to change. We see parents as an important community to initiate this change. Once parents understand the need for change and have the correct attitude towards education, they will realize their rights and abilities, and strive for the most favourable education system for their children. We hope to mobilize parents and the public to pressurize the schools or even the government to answer the need for change in our education system.

Participants in this project will have the chance to interview local and overseas schools, education organizations, teachers and parents to learn more about up-to-date pedagogies.







參加此計劃的同學將有機會採訪本地或其他國家的學校﹑教育機構﹑教育工作者和家長, 學習最新教學方法。

In this project, students need to:

  • Discuss and work out which issue and what content they will be responsible for,
  • Be responsible for the interview, photo taking and writing of his/ her article; and
  • Design a sharing session of any form that you think could bring forward and spread the message of what you learn in the process. (It can be a sharing in your work place to your colleagues and/ or students, a presentation to your peers or a written piece for any publication.)




Two issues of magazines will be published in June and August 2017, students can liaise with the Lab for their work schedule


Hong Kong and/or overseas


PGDE (part-time) students and UG students from all major subjects


Please apply by send your CV with a personal statement of not more than 200 words to Ms Candace Mok (cwfmok@hku.hk) and cc. Ms Ivy Chung (ivychung@hku.hk)

Application Deadline

31 March 2017


Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by Principal Chan Free Tutorial World (details to be confirmed)


Ms. Candace Mok, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Emails: cwfmok@hku.hk]