Internship at Ho Koon – Science

Background of co-organiser

Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre (sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) was established by Sik Sik Yuen in April 1995 and provides various academic levels of Biology & Geography Residential Field Studies Courses to all secondary schools. As an educational and resource centre, Ho Koon Centre aims at increasing students’ knowledge and interests in issues relating to the environment, nature and the universe. It also seeks to assist students to study the relationship between mankind, nature and the universe, in order to enhance their appreciation of nature.

Project details

Assist in developing a database of “Invisible Biological World” which involve the following tasks:

  • Recording and editing wildlife sounds;
  • High speed videography of fast biological actions and respective editing;
  • Time lapse photography of slow biological actions and respective editing;
  • Infrared thermography of biological objects and biological actions;
  • Microphotography and videography of biological objects and phenomena;
  • Aerial photography and videography of representative local field sites; and
  • Cylindrical and spherical panoramic imaging of representative local field sites.


  • 16 October – 22 November 2017
  • Mainly Monday to Friday, and occasionally on Saturdays
    • Working time: 8:30am to 5pm (with one-hour lunchtime included)
    • Saturday working time will depend on individual programmes
  • Mandatory on-campus briefing and evaluation sessions will be arranged before and after the experiential learning projects


  • Ho Koon Centre
  • Other locations such as outdoor field sites corresponding to the courses offered


PGDE students majoring in Science with BSc in Biology/Environmental Science background

(No. of places: 2)


  • Complete the application form at http://moodle.hku.hk/mod/questionnaire/complete.php?id=1011997AND
  • Upload the following documents to http://moodle.hku.hk/mod/assign/view.php?id=1019730 (Please combine all documents into one Word/PDF file)
    1. A personal statement (of not more than 200 words) explaining why you would like to join this EL project
    2. Your CV which can show strong biological knowledge/background and extensive experience in photography and videography of wildlife.
  • Students are required to demonstrate photography and videography skills at the interview.

Application Deadline

1 September 2017


Shortlisted students will be invited to attend an interview arranged by Ho Koon Centre (details to be confirmed)


Ms. Ivy Chung, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Email: ivychung@hku.hk]

Mr. Vor Yiu (Ho Koon Centre) [Email: vyiu@hokoon.edu.hk / Tel: 2413 7122]