Experiential learning project with Horizons Project Mingde in Wangdong (English)

Background of co-organiser

Horizons Project Mingde is a university-wide “to-build-and-to-serve” experiential learning programme – built on Project Mingde initiated by the Department of Civil Engineering – that mobilizes teachers and student from all 10 Faculties to apply their disciplinary knowledge and skills to improve impoverished communities on the Mainland.


Project details

As a remote village school in Guangxi, the school does not have enough and qualified teachers for English education. There are only two English teachers who are responsible for all classes; students only receive English lesson twice a week. Students face keen competition in entering the secondary schools they want; students in Wangdong are less competitive because of their English level comparing to the students in the city. The aim of this project is to design materials to facilitate self-directed learning in English to help the students raise their English level. We will work on P.6 English materials in this project.

In this project, you will have the chance to understand more about the education situation in Chinese villages while enjoying the warm hospitality of the local people. As Project Mingde has been working and have on-going projects in this village, you can learn about how support to education has shifted from providing ‘hardware’ to ‘software’ in catering changing needs of the students.

In this project, participants are going to:
1. Identify online learning materials,
2. Design self-directed learning materials according to the P.6 English textbook,
3. Go on a trip to Wangdong in April to meet the English teacher to explain the study plan and
4. Demonstrate to the teachers and students how to use the materials,
5. Design an evaluation form to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the learning materials.


Preparation: March, 2019
Trip to Wangdong: April 19 -22, 2019


Hong Kong; Wangdong, Guangxi, China


PGDE and UG students from English major
(*Literacy in Chinese would be an advantage)

[No. of places: 4]


[PGDE (part-time) students applying for this project are not required to submit the self-nominated EL project proposal.]

Application Deadline

15 March 2019


Ms. Candace Mok, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Email: cwfmok@hku.hk]