Experiential Learning in Choice Theatre

Background of co-organiser

What is Choice Theatre?
Choice Theater is an interactive theater art.  The audience are to, under the Host’s (or Traveler’s) guidance, make choices that would have direct impact on the plot during the performance.  Each audience can cast a vote by raising one light-emitting Choice Stick in their hands: the green one represents a YES and the red one represents a NO.   The plot develops according to the simple-majority choice of the audience.


What Can Choice Theatre Bring About?
Like many other forms of interactive theaters, such as “Playback Theater” and “Forum Theatre”, the audience are involved in the entire theatrical performance; their level of participation is quite high.  One feature of Choice Theatre is that each audience holds identical power to influence the plot.  Not only does it raise the audience’s enjoyment of the performance, it also provokes the audience’s reflection and expression on various sensitive issues.  This indeed is an ideal stimulator for ‘theatre education’ and ‘express art’.  It is particularly suitable for civic education in the community, schools and social institutions.


Choice Theatre in Action in Hong Kong
The Choice Theatre originated in Hong Kong.  The debut performance of the Choice Theatre was hosted by the Hong Kong Youth AIDS Education Association.  It was officially staged at the Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre on December 8, 2017.  The performance was realised by a creative team of 16, with 200 audiences.  The performance received widespread high regards and encouraged further development of the Choice Theatre around the globe.


Project details

In this new production, Choice Theatre will bring their audience to reflect and express on the topic of school bullying in response to the recent incident.

In this project, participants will:

  1. Observe the role-play and scene-play by actors and actress during the rehearsals, and give comments in the debriefing sessions,
  2. Lead a 15-minute debriefing session after the show as audience; they have to observe the audience’s reaction during the show for debriefing and reflection purposes,
  3. Give an evaluation report in the form of a survey to the organization for future production.


Each participant is required to attend at least 1 rehearsal and 1 show of their choice.

Date Time Content Location
28/4 Sunday 15:00-18:00 Dress rehearsal Tusen Wan
5/5    Sunday 15:00-18:00 Dress rehearsal Tusen Wan
10/5     Friday 8:45-10:15
Showday: Observation/ debriefing and discussion with students Sau Mau Ping
14/5 Tuesday 14:00-15:30 Showday: Observation/ debriefing and discussion with students Kwai Chung


Rehearsal: Tsuen Wan District

Perfomance: Kwai Chung, Shau Mau Ping


PGDE and UG students from all majors who:

  • are fluent in Cantonese
  • have prior experience in facilitating workshops would be an advantage.

[No. of places: 4]


[PGDE (part-time) students applying for this project are not required to submit the self-nominated EL project proposal.]

Application Deadline

15 March 2019


Choice Theatre  [Email: heaartstudio@gmail.com / Tel: 9248 9274  (Miss Tang)]