Education Innovation Camps with Jockey Club Neo Education Lab

Background of co-organiser

Jockey Club Neo Education Lab, newly established under Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, is an open platform which brings together education enthusiasts for investigating and experimenting innovative educational ideas. Ultimately, we hope to broaden our community and parents’ imagination for diverse and innovative education models instead of an exam-oriented one for the betterment of the young through dialogue in seminars and workshops, as well as through other programs run by the Lab, such as pop-up learning space, experiential learning camps, magazine publication and so on. In this creative space, the Lab gathers and shares innovative education ideas, expertise and practice.

Project details

Mobile Classroom is an innovative idea of setting up pop-up classrooms in the community to demonstrate and share effective teaching and learning strategies. The objectives of Mobile Classroom are to explore, experiment and execute innovative and effective education models as well as promoting education diversity in opposite to the high pressure-exam orientated schooling.

Teachers can teach any subjects in the Mobile Classroom-subjects already existed in schools or new subjects you think your students can be benefited from. Students are recruited openly or walk-in at the spot.

4A Experiential Learning Camps

A week-long 4A (Autonomy, Authenticity, Association & Achievement) curriculum is designed for students to experience learner autonomy in association with their daily life and the authentic environment. It also emphasizes the importance of unifying knowledge and action of students and finding creative solutions. In the camps, students will experience a learning journey with whole person education as the direction and unity of theory and practice as the model; it is a learning experience of character building, academic development and skills training. Volunteer teachers and tutors in the camps will enjoy space, autonomy and flexibility in designing their own curriculum and learning activities, putting theories into practice and exchanging ideas and collaborating with a team of experienced and professional co-workers in education.

Responsibilities for HKU participants:

  • Assist in planning and designing experiential learning  camps;
  • Teach/co-teach lessons and lead activities in the Experiential learning camps; and
  • Assist in research work in educational psychology or related fields.


4A Early Childhood Camp: June 30-July 2, 2018 (Lantau Island)

4A Parent Education Camp: June 30- July 2, 2018 (Lantau Island)

4A Hopeland Education Innovation Camp: July 30-August 5, 2018 (Lantau Island)

Briefing Session

Details of the camps will be introduced at the Briefing Session on April 7:

Date: April 7, 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 2;30-4;30pm

Place: Jockey Club Neo Education Lab (Address:  Unit BC, 14/F, HQ, 450-454 Portland Street, Prince Edward)

Registration for Briefing Session: https://goo.gl/forms/Ic8vDxDbgZm8LQa13


Multiple camp sites in Hong Kong


UG and PGDE part-time students from all major subjects


Complete the application form at http://moodle.hku.hk/mod/questionnaire/view.php?id=1010902 (self-enrolment code: explearn); AND

Upload the following documents to http://moodle.hku.hk/mod/assign/view.php?id=1173161 (Please combine all documents into one Word/PDF file):

  • A personal statement (of not more than 200 words) explaining why you would like to join this EL project
  • Your CV

[PGDE(part-time) students applying for this project are not required to submit the self-nominated EL project proposal.]

Application Deadline

13 April 2018


Shortlisted students may be invited to attend an interview arranged by the Lab (details to be confirmed)


Ms Ivy Chung, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Email: ivychung@hku.hk]

Miss Charlotte Chik (Jockey Club Neo Education Lab) [Tel: 2782 2700; Email: hello@neoedulab.com]