Design For Child Association Experiential Learning Project: Volunteering in Be The Change Global Conference 2016

Background of co-organiser

Design For Child Association

With “I can! No matter rich or poor …” as our mission, we have been promoting Design For Change (DFC), the free educational ‘tools’ to teachers in China. We have been demonstrating DFC model in more than 20 areas of China through various workshops, online platforms, pilot training programs and annual activities. Thousands of children have solved big and small problems among their lives, communities, schools, families and societies.


以「不論富貴貧窮,每個孩子都能」為目標和使命信念的慈善機構, 推動全球孩童創意行動Design For Change (DFC) 這免費教育工具給予全中國的教育工作者。童心設計師協會過去透過工作坊丶線上平臺丶 老師種子培訓丶年會活動等方法在中國二十多個地區 傳播DFC教學模式,讓過千孩子改變了大大小小的生活丶 社區丶學校丶家庭丶社會問題。

More information about Design For Child Association: http://www.designforchild.org

 Design For Change

Design for Change equips children with the tools to be aware of the world around them, believe that they play a role in shaping that world, and take action toward a more desirable, sustainable future. Design for Change offers a simple 4-step design process of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share, which develops the values of empathy, ethics, engagement and elevation. Through DFC, we are to recognize children not only for their academic achievements but also for being socially aware and proactive change agents in their community and to foster a learning environment that focuses on: passion & compassion, content & character, doing well & doing good. Eventually to make everyone believe that children are not helpless, change is possible and they can drive it.

More information about Design For Change: http://www.dfcworld.com/index.html

Project details

Organized annually the ‘Be The Change’ (BTC) celebrations provides our young superheroes from across the world the platform to showcase their stories of change. The celebrations honours and recognizes the young agents of change for their courage and determination to change the world around them.

As the celebrations bring together young change agents across the world, giving them the opportunity to not just share their stories but at the same time learn from each other- the atmosphere at the celebrations is one that generates positivity, inspires & motivates every participant, celebrates & honours our young student leaders. Thus creating a sense of possibility of the changes that our children can bring about in the world.

This year, we have already received registration from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Guatemala, Israel, USA, South Africa, Spain and Colombia.

In this project, students need to

  • involve in the planning of the conference in Hong Kong (usually on Saturday and Sunday),
  • stay in Beijing during the conference on 8-11 December 2016,
  • conduct a 1-hour workshop for the children in the conference and
  • be ambassadors to receive guests and participants across the world.

You will have the opportunity to

  • learn about the innovative and empowering Design For Change,
  • meet Kiran Bir Sethi, the founder of DFC and Riverside School in India,
  • observe hands-on and minds-on workshops by some of the brightest minds in design, theater and creativity.


8 December 2016: On-site preparation in Beijing

9-11 December 2016: Be The Change Global Conference 2016


Beijing, China


PGDE (part-time) students and UG students from all major subjects


  • Submit your application online by clicking the “Apply now” button below AND
  • Upload your CV to the application platform

Application Deadline

11 November 2016


Funding from Faculty of Education may be available to support part of students’ expenses.


Ms. Candace Mok, Faculty of Education (HKU) [Email: cwfmok@hku.hk]