An Experiential Approach to Learning and Teaching in a Regional Educational Institution (BBED6742)

Background of co-organiser

Sarasas Ektra School is one of the 26 Sarasas Affiliated Schools. It was the first school in Thailand to operate a bilingual (Thai-English) program and was granted license by the Private Education Board Office, Ministry of Education in 1995. Since then, the school has experienced impressive development in many areas.

Project details

This course will develop the participants’ knowledge, skills and beliefs of learning and teaching in an overseas context (Thailand). It will enhance students’ understanding of the social, cultural and political factors affecting education, and facilitate reflections on their skills and beliefs about teaching and learning in multileveled contexts that range from the classroom to the global level. Students will be encouraged to work in pairs or in small groups to: (a) analyse issues related to science education in the contexts of Hong Kong and Thailand, (b) collaborate on the development of curriculum materials for teaching and cultural exchanges in Thailand, (c) respond to challenges brought by the socio-cultural differences in the two contexts. All participants will be supported by the course tutors, their peers and the collaborating institution in Thailand.


  • Semester 2, 2020-21
  • An experiential learning trip to Thailand will be arranged in Summer 2021


Bangkok, Thailand


Students from the BEd&BSc, BSc and BEng programmes

[No. of places: 20]


Register BBED6742 An Experiential Approach to Learning and Teaching in a Regional Educational Institution via SIS. Students will earn 6 credits after successful completion of the course.

Application Deadline

Online course add/drop period in Semester 2, 2020-21


All Experiential Learning courses offered by the Faculty of Education adopt PASS/FAIL grading basis.


Dr. Valerie Yip [Email: valyip@hku.hk] and Dr. Jessica Leung [Email: leungscj@hku.hk]