Experiential Learning Requirements for Students

Undergraduate (UG) Students

All UG students are strongly recommended to undertake at least one overseas and one mainland experiential learning (EL) activity throughout their years of study with our university.

Double-degree programmes

All incoming UG students for BA&BEd(LangEd)-English, BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chinese and BEd&BSc from the 2019-20 cohort are required to fulfill the requirements of at least one EL activity through a Community-based Professional Practicum (CPP) project before the start of their fourth year. The settings for CPP projects may be local, overseas and in the Mainland. All are aimed at pushing students out of their comfort zones and enabling them to foster skills and values that are relevant to a career in education. Students are required to undertake 6 credits from education-related EL courses or CPP projects offered by the Faculty of Education before the start of Year 4.

List of CPP courses offered in 2022-23 can be viewed at

In addition, BA&BEd(LangEd)-English and BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chinese students are required to participate in the compulsory language immersion programme funded by the HKSAR Government.

BEd&BSocSc students from the 2019-20 cohort onward are required to take a 6-credit Professional Practicum course in Year 3 and 24 credits of off-campus learning under the twin themes, Social Innovation and Global Citizenship, through the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Other programmes

Students in other programmes are strongly encouraged to participate in optional EL projects throughout their period of studies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Students

Full-time students

PGDE full-time non-language major students are required to undertake EL in Semester 1 of the programme. The experiential placement normally lasts for five to six weeks. Students can either enrol in an EL project offered by the Faculty of Education, or nominate their own project (which must be approved by the Faculty’s EL Team first). Details of the Faculty-offered EL projects are available at our EL website ( Please note that Chinese and English majors have their immersion programmes at this time, and the following:

  • Students are normally expected to work five full days per week at the partner organisation. Weekend or evening duties may be required on a case by case basis with compensatory leave arranged on weekdays subject to the community partners’ approval. Individual community partners will decide the work schedule at the outset of the project.
  • Students are expected to comply with requirements set by individual partners and these will also be negotiated with the Faculty.
  • After students sign up for a particular project, the Faculty expects them to remain committed throughout the duration of their engagement with the respective institution/organisation. If students fail to complete their projects due to unsatisfactory attendance or by leaving the project earlier, they will not receive any credits for this compulsory part of the programme.

Part-time students

EL is optional for PGDE part-time students to enrol as an elective course. Students will be asked to apply for an EL project by the end of their first year of studies. EL may take the form of professional learning experiences in or outside Hong Kong.

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